Buying Eliquis in Canada or Mexico

he answer is that you can. Much in the same way that Americans have been ordering medication online from Canada for years. Now you can get better prices on drugs ordering prescription meds online from Mexico. Can I buy Eliquis in Mexico? Yes, but that will be quite the trip unless you live in one of the Southern US States that border Mexico. Instead, Americans all over the country can buy Eliquis from Mexico and enjoy the convince of having prescriptions filled online. 

This is an appealing option for Americans who are post-op after surgery and have been prescribed Eliquis to prevent potential blood clots. If they do not have any type of extended healthcare coverage and need to be on the medication for a long time then choosing to buy Eliquis in Mexico or buy Eliquis in Canada may be helpful. Again, blood clots can be a very serious health risk. 

Can I Buy Eliquis in Mexico? Equal Quality and Equally Safe Medication

With your answer to can I buy Eliquis in Mexico in place, we can imagine your next question. Is it safe to order medication from Mexico? It’s a fair question to ask given the fact it’s a different country. However, it’s true that most Americans have no concerns about ordering medication online from Canada from sources like Canada Pharmacy. There’s a level of trust based on the understanding that Canada is a first-world country like the USA. 

Further, Americans know there are similar guidelines in place as issued by Health Canada in the same way the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does in the USA. Mexico also has a federal regulatory body – COFEPRIS – that does the same thing. They ensure the quality, purity, and safety of medications dispensed by pharmacies in Mexico. You can order meds online from Mexico and not have any more concerns about them than you should have for getting them at your local pharmacy or ordering drugs online from Canada. 

What you might want to ask yourself is why are medications so much more expensive in America compared to these neighboring countries. Much of it has to do with monopolies on pharmaceuticals and a more for-profit model for the industry. But you may not be especially concerned with that and instead simply want to know can I buy Eliquis in Mexico, or from Mexico as the case may be. The long and short of it is that pharmacies in either country are able to dispense medications for less.

Cost of Eliquis in Mexico

Can I buy Eliquis in Mexico? You can! The price for Eliquis in Mexico for 60 tablets of the standard 5mg dosage is approximately $85 USD. This per-pill price of slightly more than $1 per pill is considerably less than what you will pay at nearly every local pharmacy in America. Another indication of the advantages of ordering medication online from Mexico or Canada. You can get this same advantageous pricing on other types of anti-coagulant or anti-thrombosis drugs ordered from out of country too. 

Keep in mind as well that US customers can usually get either free or discounted shipping on their pharmacy orders from Canada or Mexico. Plus, if the branded medication is still prohibitively expensive for you then you may want to consider ordering generic Eliquis from Mexico. Generic equivalents of medications must be proven to be the same level of purity and effectiveness as the branded version, and this applies to pharmaceuticals in Mexico too. Can I buy Eliquis in Mexico? You can, and you can buy generic Eliquis from pharmacies there too.

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